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About Us

L. Jay Stallons, PhD DABT

  • Jay Stallons is a creative and agile nonclinical toxicologist with nine years of experience across the biotechnology and animal health industries. Jay works with clients to build a clear and organized data package to support registration or partnering. With a deep understanding of toxicological principles and a passion for translating science into therapeutics, Jay has developed and registered products around the world.
  • Prior to starting his own firm in 2023, Jay was Associate Director of Nonclinical Safety Evaluation at Sangamo Therapeutics where he was responsible for development and implementation of nonclinical strategies for AAV gene therapy products for treatment of rare neurologic disorders. In this role, Jay was responsible for design of the preclinical development strategy and disease model selection on one program as well as gap analysis and oversight of report completion for IND-enabling studies on another program.
  • Before joining Sangamo, Jay was responsible for all aspects of safety in product development roles with increasing responsibility at Elanco Animal Health. At Elanco, Jay was responsible for design and implementation of global safety strategy for companion animal products, due diligence review of business development opportunities and onboarding partnered assets into the corporate R&D paradigm. Jay developed therapeutics in areas including dermatology, pain, and metabolic diseases, as well as parasiticides. He wrote regulatory submissions for the US, Canada, EU, Australia, Japan, and Brazil, and concurred protocols with FDA/CVM. Jay represented Elanco at industry consortia including the Animal Health Institute, at meetings with Regulatory Authorities, and in the scientific community via publications and presentations. Jay was a recognized thought leader in the organization and led numerous successful efforts focused on process improvement and employee engagement.


  • Our vision at Tiresias Consulting LLC is to transform lives by bringing novel therapeutics to human and animal patients.
  • Our business is named for Tiresias (ty-REE-see-uhs) the greyhound, who lived with Jay and his family from 2014 to 2021. He was a professional racer and was forced to retire early due to serious illness. Tiresias saw an army of veterinarians during his life and took myriad drugs. Throughout his medical odyssey, he maintained a gentle spirit and contagious joy for life that touched everyone he met.
  • The namesake of our greyhound mascot is Tiresias the blind prophet of Thebes, a character from Greek mythology. The ancient Tiresias appears in several tales, including the Odyssey, and has the gift of foresight. Tiresias was famously transformed by the gods from male to female (and eventually back again) as a punishment for striking two intertwined snakes with his staff. These mythological serpents are featured in the logo for Tiresias Consulting LLC.

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